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The gourmand wedding

08.03.2017by BM Weddings in Italy

Whether you want a gargantuan reception, whether you prefer light solutions, the food and the wine must be chosen with particular attention.

The gourmand weddingWhatever is the importance you prefer to allocate to food and wine (abundance or lightness), we recommend to make wise choices, together with nice links to your inspirations, such us references to the theme of your wedding, your story, to the place where the wedding will take place and so on.

A reception of excellent quality as well as highly stylish, will be the first entertainment for you and your guests. Food and wine are always a pleasure and bring joy; that’s why they will liven up your party since the beginning.

The gourmand wedding food and wineAnd if you are foreign and choose to organize in Italy your destination wedding, you can’t betray the expectations on food and wine!

The catering company should not be unrehearsed, but must be well experienced and capable to ensure an excellent food and wine selection, as well as a flawless service. With the right timing and the right etiquette. Obvious that our trusted catering companies are real specialists, able to satisfy all requirements.

The gourmand wedding, wedding cakeAs regards the choice of dishes, it is always advisable to refer to the site and the season of your wedding.

However it could be funny to add further curious and usual links.

You could, for example, include what you ate or drank together on the occasion of your first date, or a dish that fits your favorite perfume, or a dish in a song or a movie to you especially love.

Moreover each food and each wine has an history; add yours too. And everything will be tastier. Furthermore don’t forget to ask your guests about their food intolerances or allergies. It’s a gesture of hospitality as well as a necessary precaution.