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A wedding it is also a play of words …

16.01.2017by BM Weddings in Italy

The communication of a wedding is not only the save-the-date and the announcement card (two steps managed by digital and paper), but there are many other words that can play to give extra emphasis to a theme, to a favorite song, or to a famous sentence that marked somehow your love story.

communication of a weddingFurthermore, with the proper creative skills, words can turn into real decorations and details enhancing the appeal of your wedding and of the memories you and your guests will treasure.

First of all we have to define in advance which are the necessary digital and paper messages and then we schedule them with an unique creative mood.

If all the necessary communication of a wedding tools are co-ordinated, they will appear more valuable and will be even more clear.

wedding cakeUsually it is digital everything about the save-the-date and subsequent messages with practical information on the wedding program, on the request of confirmations, food preferences and so on. While paper supports invitations, ceremony booklets, menus for tables and many other details.

communication of a weddingAccording to the style of your wedding, we have to decide first if we need a graphic designer or a calligrapher, either for digital or paper materials.

That of graphic is a limitless creative world, where on one side we have to choose all what is visual and on the other what is material, i.e. the papers. That make a difference, even in terms of costs.

With these premises and after choosing a good graphic designer or a calligrapher, you will see that different scenarios arise as inspiration for many details that will enhance with uniqueness your wedding.

If you have a favorite song, why not write it everywhere. If you have chosen a food and wine theme, why not write it on menus and on the decorations of the buffet.  And many many other ideas that will make you dream.

communication of a wedding, it is also a play of words