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Impressive, majestic and elegant environments. The weddings by villas or castles in Italy can only be fabulous.

The architecture offers great flexibility to the organization of a weddings by villas or castles. Often have many spaces, both indoors and outdoors, and can be chosen regardless of the season. Or when it is raining, although your wedding is in the summer. This will not be a problem and to move the reception inside will not affect the magic of the event. In the villas and castles is great to create routes to scan the various moments of your party by occupying sequentially Italian gardens, terraces, open galleries, courtyards, halls and lounges. Aperitif, lunch or dinner, “cut the cake” and disco, all in different environments in a succession of new emotions.

From the Middle Age until more recent times, the villas and castles in Italy were built in pleasant places, dominant and surrounded by breathtaking scenery and views.

Whatever the region, you will be captivated by the charm of these works of artists who have made their mark in history. Among the villas and castles that can be found in Italy, there are some that have hybrid architectures, with an even more special charm. For example there are the fortified farms, born as farm houses but turned into fortresses over the centuries for defense reasons. That’s why today their appear awe-inspiring with aesthetic traits more closed to the ones of a castle. Some other sites with farming origins have become villas to affirm the distinction of the owners once they reached a high level of wealth. Often villas and castles also feature rooms for those who want to combine their wedding with even a pleasant stay with the guests. We also need to remember that in Italy, whatever structure is chosen for the marriage, you can enjoy the proximity to places that are worth visiting. Therefore the stays combined with a wedding can be organized in many ways, pleasant and unforgettable. Obviously without neglecting plain relax by a pool or in a spa environment.

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