Every time we design and create a taylor made wedding, we conceive it to be unique, either while you live it or while you remember it. Ranging from classic to original and unusual solutions, we will treat your wedding from the details to the emotions.

BM Weddings stands out above all for its valuable experience in “taylor made wedding“, by designing custom made ceremonies that do not follow prearranged formats. For you this will be a guarantee of uniqueness, regardless of the venue or of the region you choose. If you have already some ideas about the mood and the style of your wedding, we will make them the inspiration to create and design your wedding. If otherwise you are out of ideas (it can happen in fact), we will trace together what that best suits you and your love story. All this making you amused and enthusiastic and managing the stress where it’s easy to stumble on while planning a wedding.

Our projects will show you in advance all the details of your wedding and you will have from the beginning a total view of your day.

This will help you in making your choices, avoiding you to be overwhelservicesmed by a multitude of solutions that do not respond to your wishes and that can cause disorientation and unnecessary stress. In addition to valuable cooperations with the most qualified vendors in the fields of catering, cake design, flower decorations, event settings and lighting, our wedding design also stands for our own constant research of unusual objects, decorations, details and whatever can contribute to make a wedding something very special. Sometimes we find ourselves rooting around in the laboratories of antique dealers and junk shops, as well as in the warehouses of the theaters. Just to find those details that can give real originality to your taylor made wedding. If you want special effects to add further magic to your wedding, we will not fail to surprise you with astonishing proposals. All this while respecting the environment in which you will play your wedding, whether it is a castle, a historic building, a farmhouse, or a reception on the sand. The work of BM Weddings will understand your wishes, will design and decorate the spaces dedicated to your day, will mark the moments of the reception, and will play as well a direction of your guests.

People that you want to close to you on your special day will be a completing part to the whole project (and also to the result!).

You don’t have to take care of their actions, but you have only to enjoy to stay together with them. BM Weddings will manage the entrance to the ceremony, will coordinate any bridesmaids and pageboys, will drive guests to the reception and will lead them to the crucial moments of your party. All will happen around you while you are the main amused and relaxed characters of your fairy tale. Every moment of your taylor made wedding should be extremely enjoyable and winsome. Atmosphere, will be the watchword and the more time goes on, the more everybody will discover the beauty of your event. Our experience can create and perform marriages of any kind, regardless of the number of guests, from luxury weddings, to more simple and intimate ones, up to destination weddings involving the organization and the management of guests stays. Our wedding services aim at the excellence of the result and, last but not least, to the leisure of our customers on such an important and joyful occasion.