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A greenhouse in the heart of Florence turned into a large lounge inspired by French 30’s, with vintage furnishings and accessories, amazing lighting effects and a masterly flower design for a Contemporary Classic Wedding.

The bride and groom are young, dynamic, open to creativity and especially the originality that does not betray the elegance. They want an unconventional location, unusual and they wish the maximum comfort for their guests. And so they accept willingly the proposal of a plant nursery in the historical center of Florence, who in its beautiful garden welcomes two huge greenhouses, still used as a plant nursery, and overflowing with plants.

Then the bride lets us inspire us to her dress to get ideas. It is a soft, lace dress, with a vaguely French years’ 30. Thus was born the idea of setting up the venue with vintage furnishings and accessories of those years, for both the Italian garden that would have welcomed the aperitif, and for the main greenhouse for the dinner and the after dinner. A bare environment, the latter, and dedicated to an use quite different from parties. But also the ideal place to indulge with a real event design.

The buffets of our contemporary classic wedding are also the ideal prop for Old China porcelain vases and old gramophones.

The garden has been furnished with a mix and match of antique outdoor wrought iron garden lounges, upholstered sofas from delicate tapestries and antique tables with tablecloths in lace for the cocktail buffets.

The greenhouse which houses the dinner is equipped with two long imperiale tables; the chairs, all vintage, are different from one another, as well as the mise en place (different porcelain for each guest).

The floral decoration is full of flowers, silverware, vases and candleholders of varying heights.

White has a leading role through Mediterranean and English roses, hydrangeas and lisianthus, while they embrace the green of ivies and sweet peas in perfect harmony with the greenhouse plants.

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