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A disused railway station, a jewel of modern archaeology in the heart of the city, was the unusual location of a fairytale wedding in Florence, plunged in the reconstruction of a yesteryear movie theater lounge.

It was the bride and groom passion for cinema to connote this extraordinary wedding in Florence historic center, where the setting up and the profusion of details offered a fascinating and spectacular atmosphere. The chosen location, thanks to its large and majestic spaces, has enabled the fulfillment of a real event design, which satisfied the couple’s desire to recreate an environment with pronounced movie references, always accompanied by flashes of elegance and originality.

The space has been divided into three areas, to be discovered one by one during the evening. Guests on their arrival they were greeted in a completely “dark” space to be then led by hostesses with flashlight in the welcome cocktail area. And here they entered in the wide, sumptuous lounge, decorated with old cinema chairs, sofas, armchairs, antique trunks, valuable carpets and a triumph of retro charm details, like old clapperboards, coils, silver vases and trays.

All this to provide guests with the maximum comfort and enabling them to enjoy fine wines and cocktails as well as delis on several buffets and tasteful finger food served from movie theater trays (just like those trays used in old movie theaters and tied to waiter’s neck). Live music entertained the parterre and a giant screen behind the band has played famous quotes of those movies closest to the bride and groom.

At the end of the aperitif the guests could enjoy another stunning scenery

The dining room, decorated with vintage tables and a mise en place of rare elegance. Lace tablecloths, with colored plates and glasses and one different from the next. Towering candelabras and silverware, old crystals and porcelains to hold and support the rich floral decorations. Various shades of colors also for velvet chairs. Against the backdrop of the dining room a wall of lights suspended at various heights bordered the pianist stage (who played during dinner a grand piano).  At the opposite end another big screen added further emotions and romance while projecting a series of famous kisses in the movie history.

Closed to the dining lounge, the delightful children’s area with playground, cheerful tables for their dinner, cadeaux, the candy buffet and their very private movie theater, with original chairs and audio headsets to follow undisturbed their favorite movies!

The wedding cake has been another peculiar moment

The bride and groom did not want the traditional cut cake, but performed live in the preparation of their small personal profiterole. Then a parade of waiters with long stretchers served the portions for guests (obviously from a much bigger profiterole, that was ready in the backstage!).

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