DOVE PUGLIA  principale


Weddings in Apulia, a magnificent land, kissed by the generosity of the sun and by pure landscapes. Cosmopolitan and lively today, it doesn’t betray its relaxed charm.

Apulia (Puglia) is dominated by the harmony between nature and the work of man. Its countrysides are set as gardens, designed by stone walls, perfumed by mediterranean essences and dotted with olive trees that look like ancient statues. The bright white wrapping houses, cathedrals and trulli joins the silver crowns of olive trees while piercing the sky and stopping by the deep blue of the sea. With great discretion, in recent years it has become a favorite spot for weddings in Italy, with spectacular wedding venues on the Italian seaside. A trend marked especially by international celebrities, industry moguls, socials looking for quiet and unspoiled sites, where authentic living still persists. The most common architecture in Apulia is the typical fortified farmmasseria”. Stunning and recently renovated masserias are everywhere in this region, but their highest expression is in Salento. Sometimes they are real villages, turned into charm hotels allowing to set events and weddings in a new “stylish country” mood, especially appreciated by foreigners.

Apulia countryside is special and unusual and its venues for wedding are often close to the sea, which features tropical colors with crystal clear waters and fine white sand beaches.

A “destination wedding” in this part of Italy can be the occasion for a holiday enriched by unexpected and spectacular views, by the suggestions of nature, by enjoying genuine simplicity, by the magnificence of Baroque art that here reigns with stylish aplomb. But that’s not all. In Apulia the well-being is assured: spas are the pride of the masserias, which offer great massages and treatments. While food and wines are the excellence of this land.