Your wedding in Florence. Florence is the radiant laboratory of the Renaissance and its splendor expression. It’s the city of absolute beauty.

Florence is world famous for the artistic treasures that it preserves and you can enjoy them in museums, galleries, palaces, churches, but also in the open air because from any point of view it looks as a rare jewel. Getting married in Florence means enjoying all this, either staying in the old town or moving in close proximity, where villas and castles on the hills will adorn your wedding with wonderful views of the city.

If your wedding in Florence will be in town…

… you’ll be spoilt for choice with regards to the locations. BM Weddings can offer you a fine selection of luxury and boutique hotels, historic buildings and sites of cultural heritage of the city (the latter sometimes inaccessible and therefore with a remarkable exclusivity). But even outside of the historic center of Florence there are enchanting venues and fairytale landscapes for your wedding in Florence … There you will find villas and castles, often with panoramic terraces and Italian gardens, but also country houses or villages, sometimes turned into fine wine resorts where to the excitement of your wedding you can also add the experience of exquisite wine & food tastings. All this can happen just outside Florence, without going far away from its passionate and cosmopolitan city center. This city has so many souls indeed and despite being very small offers many different views, all united by an unmatched beauty. Obviously the event planning in Florence has endless spaces of expression, thanks to the multitude of places and sights that the city offers. Who wants to stay in Florence for several days on the occasion of their wedding or other celebration, will be able to fully enjoy all aspects of this city and BM Weddings can arrange an outstanding hospitality management with visits, various events and any kind of curiosities . But even for those who choose Florence only for the hours of the ceremony and the reception, the experience and the memory will be extraordinary and unforgettable, thanks to our organization and the exclusivity of our venues. For Catholic ceremonies, Florence has a great deal of beautiful churches, but it is also a city that over the centuries has been open to many religions, so there you can play any kind of ceremonies. While in case of a civil ceremony, the stunning Palazzo Vecchio is ready to welcome you. It is in fact the municipality headquarter and its officials, together with the Mayor, are used to celebrate weddings with warmth and vitality and combined with the beauty of this place they will make your celebration a truly memorable moment. If you prefer a symbolic ceremony (blessing), the sites may be the most diverse, from the terraces with views, gardens, historic buildings. In Florence is sure to be your big day.