DOVE PORTOFINO  principale


A wedding in Portofino, with its beautiful village nestled in a charming cove, is an explosion of colors in an ancient atmosphere.

A small village, Portofino, stretches crescent-shaped along the edge of this calm bay”. So Guy De Maupassant described Portofino when he arrived here in September of 1889 with his vessel “Bel Ami“. What was once a fishing village, today is an international destination by an elite tourism, despite having retained its original charm. Its unique location overlooking the sea and surrounded by Mediterranean nature without equal, make this place unalterable, almost indifferent to the passage of time.

A wedding in Portofino is pure magic.

Not only because of its picturesque harbor that can be the perfect set for the photo shoot, but also for the several villas and residences scattered over this stunning stretch of coast, where nature is particularly lush and starred with her seductive scents and colors. The locations here are impressive and seduce for their historic architecture, their terraces and their Italian gardens. They offer the unique sensation of being surrounded by the sea and the coast. A coast that is high and sweet and most of the venues (villas, historical residences or hotels) are overlooking the blue Mediterranean sea in dominant and panoramic positions. While Portofino is a jewel and the locations are very seductive, the level of services likewise pays tribute to the wonders of this area. Roads, hotels, catering and entertainment services well support the organization of any kind of wedding. Whether it’s an intimate event or with many people. Whether you choose simplicity or a lavish reception. Here the real luxury is the place, together with an excellent cuisine and great wines that do not betray this land kissed by the sun and by the healthy sea winds.

Portofino is a pleasure for all the senses!