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Tuscany seaside wedding: Tuscany has a sea with a constellation of amazing and always different sceneries, looking as designed and radiant. Places that have been and are inexhaustible inspiration for artists.

There are the soft beaches of Versilia, lying in front of the marble curtain of Apuan alps, and then the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, the superb sea of the Argentario, the wilde nature of Maremma. The variety of landscapes means also a wide variety of locations. If you choose, for example, to get married in Versilia, the solution more close to the uniqueness of this region is for sure by one of the characteristic beach resorts. The most ancient and, today, finest beach resorts are in Forte dei Marmi (that means “marble fort” and so named because here ran the road built at the behest of Michelangelo, through which he was carrying marble from the Apuan Alps). The very first beach resorts date from the end of the ‘800 and over the decades to follow Forte dei Marmi has become a fashionable trendy location, while maintaining much of its original charm. Discovered and appreciated by wealthy entrepreneurs (first of all Agnelli’s of Fiat) is now an international destination, frequented by celebrities and by an international wealthy elite.

Wonderful hotels and villas are other testimonials of Versilia, in addition to represent an excellent alternative to the beach resorts for your Tuscan seaside wedding party.

An enormous mediterranean pine forest separates Forte dei Marmi from Pietrasanta, a jewel in the hinterland of Versilia. Originally Pietrasanta was a village of artisans (mostly of marble), while today it’s a refuge of many artists who have found here laboratories and galleries of international reputation, and an ideal destination for those who love a quiet and elitist society life. Tuscan seaside wedding in Versilia, in particular for those needing a “destination wedding”, means also to benefit from a little world where it’s possible to organize several events in addition to the wedding party, in venues close to each other but very different as well. Between Forte dei Marmi and Pietrasanta, in fact, stretching from the beach resort to the ancient palace.